Allnex Presents Waterborne 2K Epoxy-Hardener Dispersions with Top Performance and Minimum Impact on Health & Environment

Brussels, September 9, 2015 –– At the upcoming SLF Congress, Allnex will present a 2K Epoxy-Hardener Dispersion system which allows combining ambitious property requirements with ultra-low VOC properties.

“The challenge in modern coating systems is to bridge the gap between ambitious property requirements and increasing environmental concerns,” says Dr. Florian Lunzer, Global Research Director for Liquid Coating Resins at Allnex. “Despite the technical difficulties, Allnex has successfully developed a waterborne amine hardener dispersions for 2K-epoxy application which combines both aspects. The system has already proven its capabilities on metal and mineral substrates. Furthermore, fast drying and a very user friendly and robust application behavior help to increase the end user’s profitability. The hardeners are ultra-low-VOC, contain no free amines and allow for formulations without hazard labeling,” he concludes.

The congress is organized by the Federation of Scandinavian Paint and Varnish Technologists (SLF) and will take place on September 16-18, 2015 at the Clarion Post Hotel in Goethenburg, Sweden. 

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