Allnex Introduces the EASY CURE SYSTEM - The 2-Pack Waterborne Epoxy System that Works Like a Solvenborne!

Brussels, October 16th, 2013 – With the launch of the new Easy Cure system from Allnex, formulators can now develop waterborne epoxy systems that offer the performance and handling of solvent-based coatings.

The new Easy Cure System from Allnex is composed of three elements: the BECKOCURE hardener and two epoxy resins – BECKOPOX® EP 2384w/57WA and BECKOPOX® 387w/52WA.

BECKOCURE hardener is a shear stable, infinitely dilutable, high molecular weight amine dispersion that is free of monomeric amines and offers easy handing and application and the freedom to formulate for cost and performance targets. It is compatible with many different pigments and fillers, including active anti-corrosion pigments, and can be used with less expensive fillers and liquid epoxy resins without sacrificing performance. In addition, grinding can be achieved directly in the hardener as well as in the epoxy dispersion, or as a slurry.

As a result, the Easy Cure system works like a solventborne without the worry of hazardous exposure. And it is possible to use just one hardener and one of the two epoxy dispersions to formulate over a wide performance range and easily fine-tune the properties of both the coating formulation and the applied film.

In addition, the Easy Cure system offers improved productivity. Using BECKOCURE hardener, excellent corrosion resistance can be achieved with fast-drying waterborne epoxy systems, even on extremely challenging substrates with variable quality. Furthermore, formulations preparedusing the Easy Cure System can be applied at twice the thickness of typical epoxy coatings and be re-coated in less than 1 hour, often without the need for sanding.

“BECKOCURE hardener and the Easy Cure System were developed in response to customer feedback regarding the performance of existing waterborne epoxy coating systems. We are therefore very excited to be able to offer this new solution, which addresses their concerns about hardener rheology, exposure to corrosive free amines and the need for fast cure with high corrosion resistance, plus provides greater ability to optimize cost and performance and customize coating properties,” notes Florian Lunzer, Global Research Director Liquid Resins and Additives with Allnex. “Importantly, customers can have confidence in the Easy Cure System, even in the most challenging applications, because it has been real world validated by contractors using a wide range of application techniques.”

BECKOCURE Hardener will be available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as of end October, 2013.

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