allnex wins prestigious award during the European Technical Coating Congress

FRANKFURT, (July 27, 2018) - allnex is proud to announce that Martin Bosma, Physics Lab Manager/Princial Materials Specialist, won the “Best Presentation” award during the European Technical Coating Congress held in Amsterdam (June 26-29).

This prestigious award is assigned by the European Scientific Committee of FATIPEC (European Federation of Coatings Scientists). In many industries where coatings are used, it’s not only having superior qualities such as durability or mechanical properties, but an excellent appearance is also critical in order to be released commercially. Determining the quality of appearance is often difficult to do.

In his presentation, Martin described a new method that can be used to determine the surface profile (appearance) of paints and coatings in an objective and quantitative manner. This new method, named Shadow View Plus (SVP) by Martin, offers an excellent solution to determining the surface profile. An additional advantage of this method is that the hardware it requires is very inexpensive and simple: the SVP basically only requires a modern computer screen and a black-and-white camera. “What makes the SVP method really unique is that it can also be used to determine the appearance of wet liquid paints. It therefore allows us to determine how the appearance of paints develops during drying and/or during baking,” says Martin. “This SVP method is currently being used in several projects running within the Corporate Innovation Group of allnex in Wageningen (the Netherlands) to define the dominant factors determining the final appearance of coatings. This valuable knowledge is essential for further improving many of our products but especially for our SCA-resins, low-temperature powder coatings, waterborne dispersions and leveling additives”.

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