Amino Crosslinking Resins

Amino Resins Technology

CYMEL® amino crosslinkers have been used for over 50 years in metal, wood and rubber coating applications, including automotive OEM, kitchen cabinets, metal food and beverage packaging, metal building products, tire and general metal finishing. 
The crosslinkers are used with epoxy, polyester, acrylic and alkyd resins and provide the desired balance of flexibility, exterior durability, chemical resistance and film toughness. CYCAT® acid catalysts can also be used with amino resins to enhance crosslinking for low acid-containing polymers and lower-temperature applications. 
Our new CYMEL® NF formaldehyde-free crosslinkers are ideal for applications where formaldehyde emissions are a concern. 
The CYMEL® amino resin crosslinker line includes:

  • Methylated and butylated melamines
  • Alkylated and imino mixed ether melamines
  • Alkylated ureas
  • Formaldehyde-free modified ureas
  • Benzoguanamine
  • Glycoluril

allnex has a broad range of technical resins including CYREZ® amino resins, specifically designed for the needs of the tire industry, that are also used in related industries by rubber compounders. CYREZ® provides rubber processing advantages with respect to reinforcement, hardening and adhesion promotion.