Architectural Application

Architectural coatings must protect and beautify vastly varying surfaces and substrates that are exposed to a broad range of environmental conditions, all the while meeting tough performance specifications and ever-tighter regulatory requirements.
That is why formulators look to allnex for our innovative, low VOC resins and additives that meet the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and contractors. 

  • allnex’s hybrid technology combines the best of acrylic, urethane, and alkyd emulsions into a core-shell resin to deliver optimized coating performance for indoor and outdoor applications, including wood and metal topcoats and wood stains.
  • Our acrylic emulsion polymers provide excellent weathering properties and good color stability and flexibility for freeze/thaw resistance in concrete coatings.
  • NMP-free polyurethanes from allnex are excellent in varnishes and other high-demanding architectural applications.
  • Our cationic epoxy esters provide advanced stain-blocking properties in low-VOC primers.
  • Our architectural powder coating resin line includes co-extrudable powder coating resins for semi-matte and flat matte powder coatings in a cost-efficient, reproducible, easy-to-use system.