Automotive Application

The automotive industry relies heavily on coating technologies to protect critical components and impart a unique and stylish appearance. Those coatings must provide the high performance expected by consumers, while also meeting increasingly strict regulatory requirements for lower VOCs.
allnex offers a full range of innovative coating resins and additives that help formulators develop sustainable solutions for interior and exterior metal and plastic components and major structural metal pieces that balance cost-in-use with greater performance.

  • Liquid resins for both factory-applied OEM and refinish coatings, including effective polyurethane dispersions and water-based alkyds for use in primer surfacers, basecoats and interior plastic parts, and waterborne and high solids acrylics for automotive refinishes.
  • Amino crosslinkers for 3-wet systems.
  • Powder coating resins and additives for under-the-hood components, car wheels, door trim, and body primers and clear coats, and specialty resins for matte finishes.
  • Conventional and sprayable waterborne radiation curable UV/EB resins and additives for repair coatings applied at both the factory and on-site.
  • Additives and catalysts for optimization of the processing, application and appearance of automotive coatings.