Careers at allnex

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allnex does not only provide a “Myriad of Solutions” to our customers; we also offer endless opportunities to our employees. With these opportunities, we challenge our employees to innovate and excel in what they do.  Come work for us and experience the difference!

"At allnex we want our employees to enjoy their work. We encourage them to think outside of the box and to take advantage of the cultural diversity of our teams. Together we are building an agile organization where every individual can make a difference." Miguel Mantas, CEO. 

As an employer of choice, allnex provides the opportunity for you to make a contribution. In our quest for innovative solutions, we value employees that are creative and willing to take on challenges both large and small. We are a global company with a global employee base that enables us to respond promptly and effectively to customer requests. With worldwide locations, multiple technologies and a broad range of job choices and career paths, we encourage our employees to maximize their potential and support their efforts to achieve long-term goals. In addition, excellence is a key priority for us throughout all our business activities. Therefore, outstanding performance and leadership is appreciated and rewarded. You will find that, with our professional and motivating atmosphere, allnex is a great place to work.