New Business Development

New Business Development

New Business Development, an introduction

allnex recognizes that innovation drives long-term success.  We are committed to developing both with and for our customers new resin, crosslinker and additive technologies and applications.

In response to growing customer needs, consumer expectations and regulatory requirements, we create new generation products that drive our customers’ growth.

In addition, we work closely with our customers and partners to expand product offerings by developing new applications. Some examples of our new technology developments include:

  • Additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology is a fast emerging dynamic process. This transformational industry, ranging from prototype building to custom production, builds parts layer by layer via photo-reactive resin curing with UV laser or other similar power source.
  • We support our customers in their 3D printing journey with resins catering for Stereolithography (SLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Material Jetting processes. We offer and develop photo-curable resins in the following technologies: (meth) acrylates, cationic epoxies, thiols and reactive diluents.


UV Field Applied Coating

UV curable Field Applied Coatings (UV FAC) for wood (restaurants and shops), Resilient Flooring (also known as VCT; hospital and office flooring) and concrete (warehouses and factories) floors are in various stages of commercial development.

For all of these substrates, UV cured coatings provide many advantages over conventional systems with respect to application and performance properties. Improvements in portable UV curing equipment and resin technologies are driving the further adoption of on-site UV coatings.

We offer new resins (waterbased UV and 100% systems) that change color to indicate coating coverage and cure. These resins help with the ease-of-application and provide greater efficiency and savings for our customers.

allnex featured UV FAC video

Glass Lamination and Casting

UVEKOL® technology gives glassmakers, architects and designers unprecedented creative freedom to meet their clients’ changing needs. UVEKOL cast resin interlayers are used to create laminated glass providing superior safety, security, acoustic and design benefits. They consistently deliver the strength and durability needed to meet the world’s most stringent engineering standards.


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