Phenolic Crosslinking Resins

Phenolic Resins

allnex has a long history as a phenolic resins producer. Today, phenolic resins are used in a wide variety of applications, including many types of high-performance coatings. To address the needs of our customers, we continue to develop new, innovative phenolic resin solutions.

  • PHENODUR® phenolic resins mainly find use in industrial and packaging coatings, in combination with other types of resins, such as epoxies, acrylics and polyesters.
  • PHENODUR® PR specially formulated solvent-based and waterborne resins are designed for use in coatings applied to the interior of metal food containers, and include phenolic resin systems that can be used to make Bisphenol A- and BADGE-free interior can coatings.
  • ALPEX® cyclized rubber resins, alkyd resins and plasticizers are used to prepare chemical and weather resistant anticorrosion paints and durable printing inks.
  • ALNOVOL® phenolic novolac resins are specially designed for use in various rubber applications as adhesion promoters and reinforcing resins. 

allnex has a broad range of technical resins including ALNOVOL® phenolic resin, specifically designed for the needs of the tire industry, that are also used in related industries by rubber compounders. ALNOVOL® provides rubber processing advantages with respect to reinforcement, hardening and adhesion promotion.

Our industry-leading line of coating resins and additives are available for customers worldwide. For more info, please download the Crosslinker Resins for the Tire and Rubber Industry brochure, or access our ALNOVOL 760 or ALNOVOL UF-410 technical datasheets here. You may also contact Customer Service at

allnex is a proud memeber of the European Phenolic Resins Association.