Powder Coating Resins

Powder Coating Resins Technology

allnex Resins are an essential constituent of Powder Coatings, an advanced and fast growing technology used to apply a decorative or protective finish to a wide range of substrates in the automotive, furniture and appliance markets.
allnex is a leader in the powder coating resin market, offering a reliable supply of a broad range of quality products from our global manufacturing footprint. Our dedicated team of experts helps customers solve their powder coating challenges, while our innovation efforts concentrate on novel surface finishes and reducing overall costs.
Products from allnex include:

  • CRYLCOAT® flagship thermosetting polyester resins
  • UVECOAT® radiation curable resins
  • MODAFLOW® flow agents, SYNTHACRYL® matting agents, BECKOPOX® hardeners and ADDITOL® master batches

Powder coatings are very sustainable and virtually pollution-free; no solvents are used, thus negligible VOC releases occur, and over-sprayed powder can be easily recovered, making waste minimal.
Recent technology advancements, such as the ability to cure at lower temperatures, are now also opening up opportunities for use on heat-sensitive materials, such as wood and plastics.

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