Safety - SHE

Employee Safety
For 2017, our Recordable Injury Frequency on a global basis was 0.58. In 2018 we continue dedicated risk assessments and site programs to address behaviors impacting the SHE performance with focus on chemical contact prevention, forklift safety, contractor management, laboratory safety, spill prevention, and overall housekeeping.

Process safety
allnex defines a 'Serious Process Safety Incident' as ‘A Process Safety Incident’ resulting in employee or third party lost time injury or fatality, loss of primary containment of a hazardous chemical greater than the UN chemical release threshold quantities, or fires or explosions. 
During 2017, we had no such incident that met these criteria.
In 2018 we continue and enhance our worldwide process hazards assessment program though monitoring both leading and lagging indicators, gap analysis, training, peer review of environmental and pressure relief scenarios, and capital investments.