UV/EB Curable Resins (Radcure)

UV/EB Curable Resins Technology - Radcure

Ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) energy-cured coatings have excellent appearance, durability, and little or no VOC emissions, while enabling increased productivity and lower overall costs per cured part.
allnex is the pioneer in UV resin / Radcure technology and applications development. We are the world’s leading producer of complete solutions for energy-curable coatings and inks, driving market growth and end-user acceptance of this unique technology.
Our customers have come to rely on our broad range of innovative EBECRYL®and UCECOAT® resins and ADDITOL® specialty additives, including:

  • 100% solids UV curable resins and oligomers
  • Waterborne UV curable resins
  • UV curable resins derived from renewable raw materials
  • Low Extractables and Odor (LEO) resins specifically formulated for use in low odor, low migration inks and coatings applied to food and pharmaceutical packaging
  • A wide range of urethane acrylates, polyester acrylates, amino acrylates and epoxy acrylates
  • Specially-designed photoinitiators and additives that enhance the performance of energy-cured coatings.

EBECRYL® LEO Self-Curing Resins eliminate the risk of migrating photoinitiators in food packaging inks and coatings. They allow formulators to get an energy-curing effect without the negatives associated with polymeric photoinitiators or sacrificing performance. You may download our new flyer about it to the right.