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Ancillary Products

Application Brushes

allnex offers a large range of brushes suitable for the application of resin, gelcoat and topcoats.  Our range includes red handle black bristle, red handle white bristle and economy wooden handle brushes.


Consolidating Rollers:  Metal consolidating rollers are used to remove entrapped air and to compress glass fibre reinforced laminates into an integral structure.
Application Rollers: These high quality and reusable polyester rollers are specifically designed for resin, gelcoat and topcoat application.
Bristle Rollers: These heavy duty rollers are ideal for penetrating the resin into the laminate and to remove air bubbles during the laminating process.

Gelcoat Spray Guns

allnex provides light weight and hand held easy to use gelcoat spray guns.  Model 100 Gravity Feed Guns, Polycon Guns and BDS Spray Guns form part of our range.

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Measuring Equipment

allnex offers a range of products for dispensing small amounts of catalyst.  Products include pipettes, terumo syringes, cylinder cups, catalyst dispensers and ice-cream containers.

Safety Equipment

Coveralls, 3M Dust and Mist Respirators and Sundstrom Filters form part of the product range available from allnex.

Miscellaneous Equipment

The allnex range of miscellaneous products includes disposable gloves, diamond wheels, anvils, chopper blades, gunk bags and scissors. Please download our equipment catalogue for further information.

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allnex Product Highlights

Ancillary Products

Product Item Code Size
Application Brushes
Red Handle Black Bristle C640000 25mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm
Red Handle White Bristle C640001 25mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm
Economy Wooden Handle C640001 12mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm
Application Rollers
Roller Frame C641020 80mm, 130mm & 180mm
Replacement Cover - Short Pile C641016 130mm & 180mm
Replacement Cover - Medium Pile C641015 80mm, 130mm & 180mm
Consolidating Rollers
Ring Groove Small C641000 10mm x 50mm & 10mm x 70mm
14mm x 70mm
Ring Groove Medium C641001 75mm & 150mm
Barrel Roller C641002 45mm & 95mm
Corner Roller C641003 48mm x 11mm
Formcore Roller C641004 27mm x 45mm
Paddle Roller - 22mm C641006 75mm, 130mm, 150mm & 180mm
Paddle Roller - 48mm C641005 80mm, 130mm & 180mm
Econo Bar Roller C641011 10mm
Econo Bar Roller C641012 13mm
Bristle Rollers
Bristle Roller C641007 75mm & 150mm
Bristle Roller Cover C641009 75mm
Bristle Roller Cover C641010 150mm
Gelcoat Spray Guns
Model 100 Gravity Feed Gun ESM C643000  
Model 100 Plastic Graduated Cup C643001 1 litre
Model 100 Plastic Disposable Cup C643002 1 litre
Polycon Gun C643050  
Polycon Bucket with Lid C643052 2 litre
BDS Spray Gun C643101 Small
Measuring Equipment
Pipette C647040 3ml
Terumo Syringe C647013 5ml, 20ml & 50ml
Cylinder Cup C647018 60ml & 250ml
Catalyst Dispenser C647021 15ml & 60ml
MEKP Dispenser C647039 500 x 35ml
Ice-Cream Containers C647038 2 litre & 4 litre
Safety Equipment
Proguard Coverall Type 5 & 6 C648050 Small - XXX Large
3M Dust/Mist Respirator P1-8710 C648108 Each or Box of 20
Sundstrom SR90/3 Kit with 217 Filter C648009 M/L
Sundstrom Gas Filter SR218-3 A2 C648003  
Sundstrom Particle Filter SR510 C648004  
Sundstrom Pre-Filter SR221 C648005  
Miscellaneous Equipment
Disposable Gloves C648048 Large
Diamond Wheel C647011 XL
Venus Chopper Gun Blades (2 hole 25mm |1 inch long) C647024 100 pack
Robinson Chopper Gun Blades (1 hole 22mm | 7/8 inch long) C647046 100 pack
Anvil - Venus Polycots* C647023  
Anvil - Robinson ACI PU* C647025 16mm
Gunk Bags for Adhesives C647020 100 bags
Plastic Mould Wedge C647002 150mm x 50mm
Mundial Signature Series Scissors C647001 200mm, 250mm & 300mm
Sterling Black Panther Scissors C647019  
Jiffy Mixer 0.5-2LT LM C647004 Small
Jiffy Mixer 4-9LT HS-2 C647005 Medium
Jiffy Mixer 9-20LT ES C647006 Large
Tap - Cast Iron Drum Treacle C647008 50mm
Tap - Rieke Plastic Tap C647009  
Squeegee C647003 150mm & 300mm
Masking Tape Scotch Performance 233+ C644657 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm
Mixing Sticks C647029 100 pieces
Acetone C630700 Drums, Pails