Glass Fabrics

  • Unidirectional
  • Biaxial
  • Double Bias
  • Triaxial
  • Quadaxial
  • Surfboard Cloth
  • Peel Ply

Fibreglass fabrics offer the widest range and the best control over thickness, weight and strength of all forms of fibreglass textiles.

This offers the materials engineer a wide choice of controlled fabric properties to satisfy design needs and objectives.

High Performance Fabrics

  • Carbon Uni Fabrics
  • Carbon Plain or Biaxial Fabrics
  • Carbon Double Bias Fabrics
  • Carbon Twill Fabrics
  • Carbon Tapes
  • Aramid Fabrics

allnex stock a full range of High Performance Fabrics, supplied in sheet form, it is easy to process and can be readily impregnated with resins.

This range of products is used in a growing number of fields including reinforcing materials for civil engineering products, sporting equipment such as bicycles, transport/marine applications and aircraft components. 

Chopped Strand Mat

  • Emulsion Bound Mat
  • Powder Bound Mat
  • Infusion Mat

allnex provide a wide range of chopped strand mat typically used in processes such as hand laminating, in various markets including transport, water proofing and marine industries.

In conjunction with longstanding supply partners, Jushi, Krosno and Owens Corning, allnex supplies a wide range of chopped strand products to an extensive range of composites markets.



  • Spray Up Roving
  • Chop and Drop Roving
  • Direct Roving for Filament Winding, Weaving and Pultrusion
  • Panel or Sheet Roving
  • Woven Rovings
  • ARG Spray Up Roving
  • ARG Filament Winding Roving

allnex supply a wide range of spray up roving  products for the boat building, pipe construction and swimming pool industries.

Direct Roving is also supplied for weaving, filament winding tanks and pipes as well as pultrusion applications.



  • C Glass Tissue
  • Carbon Tissue
  • Polyacrylnitrile Tissue
  • Polyester Finish Mat
  • Polyester Nexus Tissue
  • Semi Conductive Polyester Tissue

Surfacing mat is mainly used in the surface layers of FRP products.  It is divided into winding series and hand lay-up series which are used mainly in the pipe and tank industries.  It can improve the product surface property on corrosion resistance, compressive strength and may provide longer service life.

Specialized Products

  • ARG Chopped Strands
  • Glass Chopped Strands
  • Glass Milled Fibre
  • Tapes

allnex supplies a range of specialized products used in numerous applications within the composites industry.

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allnex Product Highlights


Product  TDS
Glass Fabrics
Aerialite 01522 - 130gsm Plain E-Glass Cloth Download
Aerialite 07533 - 200gsm Plain E-Glass Cloth Download
Aerialite 06522 - 130g Plain S-Glass Cloth Download
Biaxial (458g) - Saertex 0/90 Download
Biaxial (601g) - Saertex 0/90 Download
Biaxial (860g) - Saertex 0/90 Download
Biaxial (892g) Hengshi 0/90 Download
Double Bias (914g) Saertex +45/-45 Download
E-UD930 Uni-Directional Hengshi Download
L1026 - 616g Double Bias - Saertex Download
L1028 - 456g Double Bias - Saertex Download
L1034 - 414g Double Bias/222 CSM - Saertex Download
L1036 - 857g Quad - Saertex Download
L1037 - 582g Quad - Saertex Download
L1044 - 894g D/Bias/222g CSM - Saertex Download
Peel Ply J123 White Download
Peel Ply TK2200 White Download
High Performance Fabrics 
Aramid Plain Weave AK500 - 175g Contact Us
Carbon Plain Tape 200gsm Contact Us
Carbon Uni Tape 305g Contact Us
Carbon/Aramid Hybrid Fabrics
Carbon Plain 198gsm Contact Us
Carbon Twill 198gsm Contact Us
Carbon/Aramid Twill 178g Contact Us
Carbon Unidirectional 205gsm Contact Us
Carbon Unidirectional 305gsm Contact Us
Carbon Twill 241gsm Weaveset Contact Us
Double Bias (410g) Carbon Saertex +45/-45 Download
CSM E20 Emulsion 225gsm, 300gsm, 375gsm, 450gsm, 600gsm - Jushi Download
CSM EM 225gsm - Krosno Download
CSM M6 Emulsion 225g - Owens Corning Download
CSM M705 Emulsion 300gsm, 450gsm, 600gsm - Owens Corning Download
CSM M723 Powder 450gsm, 600gsm - Owens Corning Download
CSM Powder 300 gsm, 450gsm, 600gsm, 900gsm - Jushi Download
Infusion Mat 250/180/250 - Hengshi  
Infusion Mat 300/180/300 - Hengshi Download
Infusion Mat 450/180/450 - Hengshi Download
Infusion Mat 600/250/600 - Hengshi  
Infusion Mat RTM P450/180/450 - Glasscom Download
Infusion Mat RTM P600/250/600 - Glasscom Download
ARG Chopped Strands ACS13PH-950X (13mm) Download
ARG Chopped Strands ACS19-PH-950X (19mm) Download
ARG Chopped Strands ACS25PH-950X (25mm) Download
CPR SE 1200 - Owens Corning Download
Direct Roving - E6DR23-4400-386T - Jushi Download
Direct Roving - E6DR24-2400-386T - Jushi Download
Direct Roving - NEG AR2400S-830/SQ Contact Us
E6-CR180 Assembled Roving - Jushi Download
E6 CR Woven Roving 600g, 800g - Jushi Download
Gun Roving - EC12-2400-P209 - Owens Corning Download
Gun Roving - E6CR13-2400-180 - Jushi Download
Gun Roving - E6R13-2400-180 - Jushi Download
Gun Roving - E6R11-2400-180 - Jushi Download
Finishmat 6691 LL (40g) Download
Finishmat D77 (60g, 80g) Download
Nexus 11110 Tissue 1450mm Download
Tissue C-Glass P250LN (20-22g) Download
Tissue C-Glass P300LN (25-27g) Download
Viledon T1773 Polyacrylonitrile Tissue Download
Specialized Products
Chopped Strands - 552B 6mm - Jushi Download
Fibreglass Tape Contact Us
Milled Glass Fibre EMG13-70 - Jushi Download
Tape 155g Plain Contact Us