Reinforcements, Cores, Catalyst, Adhesives & Sealants, Mould Preparation & Ancilliaries

Mould Preparation

Mould Release

The TR Semi-Permanent Mould Release range is extensive and has a long history in Australia and New Zealand.

The range fulfils all requirements for polyester moulds and can also be applied to alloy moulds.  TR Semi-Permanent Mould Release is solvent based and can be applied over other solvent based release systems without the need to strip back to the gelcoat surface.

The range comes in standard, dry or fast dry and low solids or high solids content. TR Mould Release products are also available in wipe on wipe off, wipe on leave on or spray on leave on application methods.

  • Regular Mould Release
  • Hi Temp Mould Release Wax
  • Mould Release Wax
  • Slurry Wax Release
  • Multi Pull Liquid Semi Permanent Release
  • Liquid Multi Pull Semi-Permanent Release
  • E-Z Wipe Multi Pull Semi Permanent Release
  • Liquid Semi Permanent Sealer
Mould Release

Mould Cleaner

The TR Mould Cleaner is a solvent based surface cleaner which removes surface impurities and contaminates.

It is designed to have a low viscosiuty level which provides an easy application with an effective finish.

When used correctly the TR Mould Cleaner eliminates styrene build up which is a major cause of component stick-up on production moulds.

  • Wax Build Up Remover
  • Mould Preparation Cleaner
Mould Cleaner

Surface Wax

allnex offers a range of Mould Surface Wax products which can either be used directly onto the tooling gelcoat surface or as additional slip in tight mould revels or flanges.

allnex offers the TR100 and TR200 range of paste or liquid waxes.

  • Gold Mould Release Wax
  • Slurry Wax
  • Hi Temp Mould Release Wax
  • Liquid Wax Release
  • Regular Mould Release
  • Liquid Self-Stripping Wax Release
  • Liquid Release (Polymer Concrete)
  • Liquid Sealer & Mould Release
Surface Wax

Mould Polish and Compounds

allnex offers a range of TR Mould Polishes and Cutting Compounds that cover a range of application or mould finish requirements.

The range includes buffing compounds, surface glaze products, light to medium cutting compounds and sealant polish.

  • Super Duty Compound
Mould Polish and Compounds