General Fabrication

High Performance Gelcoats and Flowcoats

Gelcoats and flowcoats play an important part in composite manufacturing. They act as the protective barrier between the laminate and the environment. Gelcoats provide the cosmetic finish in moulded applications while flowcoats are the last layer in non-mould applications. At allnex we offer a vast array of neutral and pigmented AQUAGUARD, NUTECH, VIAPAL™, FIBRETECH™ gelcoats and flowcoats suitable for a wide range of technical and general purpose applications. 

  • UV Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Weather Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
High Performance Gelcoats and Flowcoats

General Purpose Laminating Resins

Our general purpose laminating resin range of POLYPLEX and VIAPAL products is desgined for universal hand lay-up and spray up applications. These resins have very good mechanical properties and show excellent glass fibre wet out and cure performance. The products are pre-promoted, medium reactivity, thixotropic resins available in un-waxed and low styrene forms. 

  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good cure performance
General Purpose Laminating Resins

Clear and Fillable Casting Resins

We offer fabricators a selection of casting resins suitable for synthetic marble, clear casting and specialised applications. Our POLYPLEX™ and VIAPAL™ clear casting  and filler resins are pre-promoted, low reactivity, orthophthalic polyester resins especially formulated for room temperature cure. These resins are designed to allow rapid cycle times and enable positive cure characteristics after gelation. 

  • Positive Cure
  • Rapid Cycle Times
  • Unimpaired Air-release
Clear and Fillable Casting Resins