Above ground and underground water, fuel and chemical storage solutions

  • High molecular weight
  • High crosslink density
  • High corrosion resistance

Our POLYPLEX™ 580 series resins are best suited for high corrosion resistance, underground fuel storage applications. The range comes in a variety of options to suit filament winding and open mould laminating processes. The POLYPLEX™ 490 series has been developed to offer a cost effective alternative to Vinyl Ester resins for typical composite underground storage tanks manufactured by filament winding. 

Pipe manufacturing for underground water and sewage lines

  • Excellent Air Release
  • High Tensile Elongation
  • Corrosion Resistance

Underground pipe systems need to be extremely durable and corrosion resistant to stand the test of time.  Our POLYPLEX™ range of isophthalic and orthopthalic resins have been developed for the filament winding manufacture of pipe systems.  We also offer a series of Bisphenol A and Novolac HETRON™ and DERAKANE™ Vinyl Ester resins for excellent corrosion resistance for pipe applications. 

Innovative use of composite materials in concrete pipe repairs

  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  • High tensile elongation
  • Rapid cure at elevated temperatures

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology offers a cost effective and non-destructive repair solution for the relining of old and damaged water, sewer, gas or chemical pipelines.Our POLYPLEX™ 916 resin has been specifically formulated for CIPP applications to facilitate high cross link density in the cured composite liner to improve overall chemical and hydrolysis resistance. This can result in faster cure rates and shorter curing cycles when there is sufficient heat input during the CIPP fabrication process. 

Composite solutions for underground mining applications

  • Excellent Stability
  • Positive cure characteristics
  • Non-thixotropic

For many years, we have been helping drive innovation in the Australasian mining industry. Our technical team in collaboration with mining engineers have been continuously developing composite solutions that make mines as safe an environment as possible. The POLYPLEX™ Rockbolt range is a high reactivity, rigid, othophthalic based unsaturated polyester formulated for use in the production of rockbolt compounds that help stabilize mine walls. 

Fire retardant resins for demanding FRP infrastructure applications

  • Fire Retardancy
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Toughness

We offer a series of fire retardant vinyl esters and unsaturated polyesters suitable for use in infrastructure applications such as ductworks, electrical crossarms, stacks and stack liners. Our range of HETRON FR992 and DERAKANE™ 510A-40, manufactured under licence from Ashland, exhibit maximum degree of fire retardance combined with enhanced chemical resistance and toughness. They are particularly suitable for demanding caustic and sodium hypochlorite chemcial service applications.