Specialty gelcoats for transport applications

  • High durability
  • High tensile elongation
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Good sprayability

Gelcoats used in road and rail applications must be extremely durable while delivering an impeccable finish. We designed our NUTECH™ 885 gelcoat range to offer excellent UV resistance and high gloss retention in demanding transport applications such as caravan and truck panels to protect them against the harsh effects of the environment. Our AQUAGUARD™ transport gelcoats have been especially developed for transport applications and are particularly suitable for the fabrication of refrigerated truck compartments. Transport panels that require post-painting - in particular rounded truck parts - will benefit from our highly filled Sanding Gelcoats offering excellent tensile elongation and crazing resistance.  

Fire retardant solutions for rail interiors

  • Good sage resistance
  • Excellent atomization
  • High wrinkling resistance

Materials used in the manufacture of underground and above ground mass transit vehicles must meet very specific fire standards. Our non-halogenated ULTRATEC™ FR Gelcoat utilizes intumescent formulation technologies to achieve low flammability and reduced smoke toxicity while maintaining excellent handling properties and good UV and weathering resistance. This gelcoat has an M2F1 fire classification according to the French Fire Standards NF P92-507:1994 and NF F16-101:1988 and zero flame spread index when tested according to AS1530.3-1999.

Precise and fast manufacturing of transport application parts

  • High tensile elongation
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Reduced resin shrinkage
  • Good surface finish

For many years our strong and impact resistant solutions have stood up to the rigours of road transport applications. Our range of POLYPLEX™ and ULTRATEC™ laminating and infusion resins are designed to facilitate fast mould turnover and the precise manufacture of transport panels. We design our resin systems to meet different curing requirements and workshop conditions and to provide good surface finish and cosmetic properties. 

Manufacturing light weight but durable parts for racing cars

  • Durability
  • High tensile elongation
  • Impact resistance
  • Improved performance

Due to their inherent light weight, low-drag and aerodynamic properties composite materials are widely used in racing car applications. We offer a range of specialty infusion resins, high performance gelcoats, carbon fibre and Kevlar materials for the manufacture of agile front and rear bars, guards and wings. Advanced composites materials can help to maximise performance by reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency.