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allnex product highlights

Pre-Coated Metal Sheets

Layer Technology Product Benefits
Primer WB epoxies BECKOPOX® EP 2307w/45WAMP High MW, excellent flexibility/hardness balance. Curable with amino, phenolic and isocyanate as stoving or forced drying formulation.
Topcoats SB polyester DUROFTAL® VPE 6128/70SNABG High solids, with excellent balance between hardness and flexibility.
Topcoats WB acrylics VIACRYL® SC 6276W/44WA High flexibility and good hardness. Excellent solvent and boiling water resistance. Very low yellowing and excellent gloss retention.



Chemistry/Functionality Technology Product Benefits
Additives Flow & Leveling MODAFLOW® LAMBDA Unique hybrid polymer flow additive for improved DOI, gloss, brillancy and appearance. Special utilization for easy-to-clean surfaces.
Crosslinkers Amino: Melamine-Methylated CYMEL® 303 LF Workhorse high solids HMMM product available globally from multiple source locations, free formaldehyde <0.1%.
Crosslinkers Amino: Melamine-Methylated CYMEL® 325 High Imino resin for fast cure response; does not require acid catalyst; low formaldehyde release.
Crosslinkers Amino: Melamine-Mixed Ether CYMEL® 1130 High solid mixed ether melamine designed primarily for anodic e-coat applications.
Crosslinkers Amino: Urea-Butylated CYMEL® U-662 Iso-Butylated urea resins with medium-high reactivity; low formaldehyde emissions.
Catalysts Strong Acid Catalyst CYCAT® 600 Recommended for high solids formulations with hydrocarbon solubility.
Catalysts Strong Acid Catalyst CYCAT® 600A Recommended for high solids formulations with hydrocarbon solubility.
Catalysts Strong Acid Catalyst CYCAT® 4040 Strong alkyl benzene sulfonic acid catalyst for highly alkylated melamine, benzoguanamine, glycoluril and urea resins.
Catalysts Weak Acid Catalyst CYCAT® 4045 Amine blocked alkyl benzene sulfonic acid catalyst for 1K systems formulated with amino resins.
Catalysts Catalyst CYCAT® VXK 6395 Best in class blocked pTSA catalyst for improved cross linking density and intercoat adhesion. 
Additives Flow & leveling ADDITOL® XL 480 Highly efficient flow and leveling additive that has been developed to optimize film properties while limiting quality issues caused by film cratering.