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EBECRYL® P39 is a polymeric benzophenone derivative diluted with 25% of EBECRYL® LEO 10501 that functions as the photosensitizer in hydrogen abstraction type radical photoinitiator systems. EBECRYL® P39 has been designed for use in the formulation of UV coatings that exhibit little or no odor after curing. It has recommended levels are from 8 to 10% based on total formulation. It should be used in combination with amine co-initiators such as EBECRYL® P115 or EBECRYL® 7100. EBECRYL® P39 is recommended for use in over print varnishes where low residual odor is required.
区域 Australia & New Zealand; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Latin America; North America
产品分组 Photo-Initiators
市场应用 Packaging Coatings & Inks
细分应用 Paint & Coatings
化学 Photoinitiator
技术 Photoinitiator
配方优点 Self-curing
Good compatibility
Long potlife
涂装优点 Faster cycle time
Long potlife
Low temperature curing
Lower energy consumption
No or low flammability
成品优势 Low migration
Improved flexibility
Good balance of properties
绿色品质 BPA- Bis Phenol A free
Reducing energy consumption, lower carbon foot print
Solvent free
Low/zero VOC