MODAFLOW® Lambda -flow/leveling/levelling- is an acryl-silicone hybrid flow promoter. It is a unique acryl-silicone polymer hybrid technology flow promoter combining individual efficiencies from high end acrylic as well as silicone leveling performance. It is highly compatible in all non-aqueous clear coat and topcoat formulations and outperforms surface characteristics such as gloss, DOI, sharpness and brilliancy, and anti orange-peel effect.

  • 区域

    Asia except China; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Latin America; North America

  • 产品分组


  • 市场应用

    Industrial Metal; Industrial Wood; Marine & Protective; Vehicle Refinish; Additives; Specialty Coatings

  • 细分应用

    Paint & Coatings

  • 化学


  • 技术

    Waterborne radiation curable resins, Additives, Solventborne/Solventfree resins

  • 配方优点

    Freeze-thaw stability

    Good compatibility

    Shear stability

  • 涂装优点

    Clear coat

    Improved Rheology

    No or less odor

    No or low flammability

    Reduced surface preparation

  • 成品优势

    Improved DOI / dullness

    Anti orange peel effect


    Excellent adhesion

    Good balance of properties

    High gloss potential

    Improved appearance

    Low color for clearcoat

    Low migration

    Improved long wave reduction

    Improved short wave reduction

  • 绿色品质

    Zero VOC

    APEO free

    Tin free