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UCECOAT® 7630 is an energy curable polyurethane dispersion which is tack-free after water evaporation. It has been developed for wood coatings but can also be used for other applications, such as field applied UV curable coatings for wood, concrete, VCT (vinyl composition tile), and resilient floors. Because of its non-irritant nature and low viscosity, it can be applied safely by spray coating and curtain coating.
区域 Europe, Middle East and Africa; Latin America; North America
产品分组 WB-UV Curable
市场应用 Industrial Wood
细分应用 Paint & Coatings
化学 Waterborne UV acrylates
技术 Waterborne radiation curable resins
配方优点 Long potlife
涂装优点 Faster cycle time
Long potlife
Low temperature drying
No or low flammability
成品优势 Improved hardness
Improved chemical resistance
Abrasion resistance
绿色品质 Tin free
Solvent free
Low/zero VOC