Waterborne Resins

Using water as a solvent to meet high regulatory demands.

Waterborne resins use water as a solvent to disperse a resin, thus making these resins environmental friendly and low in toxicity and flammability. Traditional waterborne resins were water reducible resins, which are products dissolved at high solids content. More modern products are diluted in water already in form of delivery, many still contain small amounts of solvent to help film building and production process.

The trend is to reduce the content of coalescing and process solvents even more, often targeting close to zero VOC in order to meet regulatory demands in critical markets.

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allnex waterborne resin technologies

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allnex waterborne resin innovation snapshot

allnex has produced innovative products for many years, our technical team is constantly working on new innovation projects to provide high performance and environmental friendly products.

  • Equal or better performance than solvent-borne analogues

  • Lower VOC

  • Higher curing speeds

  • Formaldehyde free resins

  • Isocyanate free technology

  • NMP free PUD

  • Direct to metal coatings

  • Improved adhesion on plastic

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Discover our market pages

allnex waterborne resins

our brand names

Brandname Application
ACROCRYL™ Waterborne acrylic resins for general metal and protective applications
ACROPOL™ Waterborne PVA resins for decorative and construction applications coating additives to help formulators optimize paint processing, appearance, application and stability, helping to eliminate defects, improve pigment wetting and reduce foam in coatings.
AQUAPOL™ Waterborne acrylic resins for construction applications.
BECKOPOX™ Waterborne epoxy dispersion and epoxy hardener for lower-VOC, high-performance anticorrosion industrial and construction coatings
BECKOCOAT® 1K moisture curing polyurethane resins for abrasion- and impact-resistant high-end wood and concrete flooring coatings.
BECKOCURE® A shear stable, infinitely dilutable, high molecular weight amine dispersion that is free of monomeric amines and offers easy handing and application and the freedom to formulate for cost and performance targets.
DAOTAN® Waterborne polyurethane dispersions for decorative, industrial and automotive primers, basecoats and topcoats.
DUROXYN® 1K waterborne cationic epoxy ester resins for low VOC, stain-blocking primers for a variety of substrates.
MACRYNAL® Waterborne acrylic dispersions for industrial, transportation, roadmarking, packaging and concrete roofing coatings.
RESYDROL® Waterborne modified alkyd emulsions for high performance decorative, industrial and automotive OEM coatings.
SETAL® Water-reducible alkyds and polyesters for automotive OEM, general metal, vehicle refinish applications.
SETAQUA® Waterborne acrylic and alkyd resins for ACE, automotive OEM, construction and flooring, decorative, general metal, plastic, vehicle refinish and wood applications.
SETATHANE® Waterborne hydrophobic polyols for construction and flooring applications.
UCECRYL® Waterborne acrylic dispersions for industrial, transportation, roadmarking, packaging and concrete roofing coatings.
VALBOND™ Waterborne acrylic resins for textile applications.
VIACRYL® Waterborne acrylic dispersions for industrial, transportation, roadmarking, packaging and concrete roofing coatings.
VISCOPOL™ Waterborne acrylic and PVA resins for decorative, construction, ink and adhesive applications
UCECOAT® Waterborne UV polyurethane dispersions for industrial wood and plastic primers, basecoats and topcoats.


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