Industrial Wood

Joinery & Flatstock

Combining solid sustainability benefits with performance in use value

Our ECOWISE™ CHOICE product selection will help you build a sustainability and performance value-based proposition in the Industrial Wood market, and meet key requirements of eco labels and leading industry players. ECOWISE™ CHOICE is the outcome of applying best practices of Sustainable Portfolio Management to our business and addresses the fundamental sustainability topics in the industry as air quality, exposure to chemicals, material and energy efficiency, renewable & recycled content.

  • Sustainability benefits in addition to the required performance
  • Designed for the industrial Wood Market sustainability requirement
  • Wide set of technology options
Combining solid sustainability benefits with performance in use value

Safer products with flame-retardant properties

Our RAYLOK® 1722 resin contains halogen-free flame retardancy functionalities bound to the polymer backbone and can be used to formulate clear and pigmented coatings with flame retardancy properties. Its eco-friendly profile combined with its superior clarity on cured films, makes it an ideal solution compared to classical toxic flame-retardant additives. Its use in fire-retardant coatings will decrease ignitability, flame spread, smoke density, and heat release. Download our flyer for more information!

  • Eco-friendly
  • Superior clarity (cured films)
  • Exceptional performance (thin films)
Safer products with flame-retardant properties

Long lasting, beautiful surfaces

Where the highest protection level is required and coating safeguards are needed for surfaces exposed to sunlight, moisture fluctuations or high humidity environments, our energy curable EBECRYL® and UCECOAT® resins deliver prolonged durability, preserving the beautiful surfaces longer and at a lower maintenance cost. Additionally, instant curing enables high coating lines speed and productivity.

  • Outdoor durability
  • Fast curing, high throughput and productivity
  • High gloss, matte effects
Long lasting, beautiful surfaces

Flexibility and durability for exterior joinery

Water-based joinery coating systems are applied at high wet film thickness for line productivity and to minimize the number of coats needed. To attain these targets, correct rheology is required to achieve the correct film build without sagging during fast drying. In addition, rapid film hardness & block resistance development is also essential. Finally, during the coating life cycle, high durability and maintenance of flexibility and dirt pick-up resistance are a must.

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Rheology control
Flexibility and durability for exterior joinery

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